Applying Curiosity in Goal Setting When Bouncing Back From Burnout

burnout health well-being Apr 09, 2019

CURIOSITY: A strong desire to know or learn something.h

Clarify: Are you clear on the outcome you truly desire? Are you clear on the transformation you want to achieve and why? Be very specific.

Unload: What real or imagines baggage are you carrying around that keeps tripping you up, and consistently derails your efforts in reaching your desired goal?

Reconcile: How often do you adjust your plan? What is working? What is not working? What are you ready to start doing? Stop doing?  

Internal: What is your internal motivation for achieving your desired goal?

Observe: What your triggers? How do these triggers create obstacles and excuses for you in reaching your goal?

Simple: How can you keep your strategy as simple as possible?

Insight: What are you learning about yourself as you work towards this goal?

Transformation: How are you modifying your belief so your actions become natural, thereby allowing you to achieve your desired goals?  


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Raise your hand if you have tried, failed, and tried and failed again to make a long-term behavior change that sticks. Regardless if it is a change in your eating habits, your exercise habits, your mindfulness habits, or anything that might up-level your well-being, have you been able to transition from habit to non-negotiable behavior? Perhaps when the stars align, there just might be an unorthodox method to making that happen!

Have you ever made a long-term behavior change, from just the title of the book? Yes, that’s what I said, from just the TITLE of a book.  Apparently, when motivated, ready, and WILLING to change something, anything, that creates a barrier to a finding a true solution to your biggest wellness challenges, the right book title, at the right time, can be just such a solution.

Honestly, this has not happened to me. It has happened to Emily, one of the participants in my monthly workshop, Fast Track Your Way to Wellness. We happened to connect...

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“WHAT DO I MOST NEED IN THIS MOMENT?”: A simple form of self-care

Several weeks ago, I referenced this question, “What do I most need in this moment?” in my blog titled The First Best Step in Improving Your Emotional and Mental Fitness. In terms of self-care, it provides the most immediate response. After posing this question, a few clients and acquaintances shared with me the impact it has on their day when this question is asked and answered.

Below are a few real-life stories of how this powerful, yet underutilized tool, can shift your perspective at the moment.

Karen had been experiencing incredible stress at work for the past few months. There were a number of changes taking place, including a big change in leadership. In the midst of change, she was feeling significantly under appreciated. This was taking a toll on her emotionally, impacting her both at work and at home. We brainstormed several exercises for her to shift her narrative of this experience, yet at the height of her frustration one morning, when someone offered...

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It’s Not About the Weight

When you hear the words health and wellness, what comes to mind? Most often when speaking about health and wellness coaching, people immediately tell me they think of weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise. While these are most certainly important components, they are but a small piece of overall health and wellness.  The multi-faceted components of health and wellness include life satisfaction, energy, nutrition, stress management, exercise, health risks, and weight.

Health and Wellness coaching is about creating a change strategy. When you are able to create a plan of your own design, take intentional action, expand your real and perceived benefits, ultimately you will achieve your desired results. Coaching is most effective in conjunction with a true partnership, collaboration, and accountability. All three components play an important role in a client gaining confidence, and self-efficacy. This process includes addressing the feeling of, “I cannot imagine doing ONE...

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