Raise your hand if you have tried, failed, and tried and failed again to make a long-term behavior change that sticks. Regardless if it is a change in your eating habits, your exercise habits, your mindfulness habits, or anything that might up-level your well-being, have you been able to transition from habit to non-negotiable behavior? Perhaps when the stars align, there just might be an unorthodox method to making that happen!

Have you ever made a long-term behavior change, from just the title of the book? Yes, that’s what I said, from just the TITLE of a book.  Apparently, when motivated, ready, and WILLING to change something, anything, that creates a barrier to a finding a true solution to your biggest wellness challenges, the right book title, at the right time, can be just such a solution.

Honestly, this has not happened to me. It has happened to Emily, one of the participants in my monthly workshop, Fast Track Your Way to Wellness. We happened to connect...

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