Weight, Is That Really What This Is About?

Raise your hand if you have tried time and time again to change a behavior, only to lose the motivation and drive to continue? Perhaps it was the latest healthy eating fad, the latest and greatest workout, the latest magical meditation, all meant to help you finally ‘lose the weight’. Regardless, you set out with the best of intentions only to drop the ball days or even weeks later.

It is frustrating, isn’t it?

I recently had a client that was challenged by working, two jobs, believing he was 60 pounds overweight and in a constant state of overdrive.

In listing all the obstacles that were keeping him from making progress towards losing weight and improving his overall health, he determined that he was ‘lazy’ and ‘unmotivated’

Further discussion led to the realization that after a long day at work, exhausted and mentally drained, he was longing to do anything but think about healthy eating and exercise. Feeling guilty about not doing...

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