It’s Not About the Weight

When you hear the words health and wellness, what comes to mind? Most often when speaking about health and wellness coaching, people immediately tell me they think of weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise. While these are most certainly important components, they are but a small piece of overall health and wellness.  The multi-faceted components of health and wellness include life satisfaction, energy, nutrition, stress management, exercise, health risks, and weight.

Health and Wellness coaching is about creating a change strategy. When you are able to create a plan of your own design, take intentional action, expand your real and perceived benefits, ultimately you will achieve your desired results. Coaching is most effective in conjunction with a true partnership, collaboration, and accountability. All three components play an important role in a client gaining confidence, and self-efficacy. This process includes addressing the feeling of, “I cannot imagine doing ONE...

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Boost Sales Performance with an Unlikely Tool: The Art of Asking for Permission

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2018

Remember the game, Mother May I  from your childhood?  In the game, Mother May I, ‘children’ ask their ‘mother’ for permission to progress forward. The ‘mother’ may say yes and the child moves forward. In the event the child fails to ask and receive consent, the child not only does not make progress but loses all the ground they have gained.

As a former pharmaceutical sales rep, I experienced some of the most productive, and non -productive days in the field when my sales manager was on in the car with me for a ‘ride-along’.  The productivity had as much to do with who my manager was at the time, what part of my territory I was working, and my frame of mind on any given day. In retrospect, I believe the use of the coaching tool, requesting permission, could have led to significantly more generative ‘ride alongs’ both as a representative and when I was a field sales trainer.    Several...

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Lack Energy? It might be emotional

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2017

In recent months I have been surveying friends, neighbors, clients, potential clients, strangers even, in regards to some of the challenges they face in regards to their well-being. Roughly 60% mentioned a lack of energy as their biggest obstacle. What was interesting was the way they described how the lack of energy felt.
They used variations of a similar theme:
” I feel stressed all the time”, ” I feel stuck, discouraged”, “I just want to get through today”, “I am so quick to get angry these days.”
What they are describing is a lack of EMOTIONAL energy.

In her book, The Emotional Energy Factor, Mira Kirschenbaum talks about how 70% of our energy stores are emotional, yet often our focus is on restoring physical energy. We restore physical energy with rest, hydration, the food we eat, exercise, but how do we restore our emotional energy stores?

You can have high emotional energy even when low in physical energy. High emotional energy...

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