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Lessons from a Life Changing Leap of Faith

Oct 22, 2018

Ever make a life-changing leap of faith and mid-jump realize you forgot to make sure your parachute was functioning properly?

At first, you feel adequately prepared. Then you realize you were not fully present during all of the instructional training, and that while it is indeed courageous to face your fear of heights, you could have faced that fear at any other time, or at least faced your fear of public speaking first.

While clearly it is too late to have second thoughts, it would be a shame to let second thoughts ruin your adventure.

It is pointless anyway. You’re in the air, no turning back, so open your eyes and enjoy the view.

Two years ago this week, I took my own leap of faith leaving a 17-year career in pharmaceutical sales to focus full time on my wellness coaching business.

This is not uncommon. Countless men and women make this leap of faith to pursue entrepreneurship on a regular basis, yet each experience is individual.

Jumping out of an airplane may have landed my two feet firmly planted on the ground much more quickly and with less effort, but I would have missed out on this particular adventure and a lifetime worth of “growth opportunities”.

Here are just some of the lessons from the past two years:

Lesson 1: There is no shortage of people who support me, believe I provide something of value and truly want me to succeed. This has grown exponentially as I have transitioned from, I “believe in” to “know” the value I provide.

Lesson 2: I am my ideal client. My ideal clients find themselves overcommitted, believing there is no room for even “one more” thing on their to-do list, so how can they possibly fit in healthy habits? I, too, am overcommitted and have created a system specific to my current lifestyle. It is possible for my clients to create a unique system for themselves as well.

Lesson 3: I am not necessarily inspired or motivated each day to do what is necessary to create the life I desire, yet I show up and do it anyway. It is precisely the willingness to take uninspired and unmotivated action that will assure I get that life.

Lesson 4: The POWER of a power nap. With my phone in airplane mode, I set a timer for 15 minutes. This method has increased my late-day productivity by at least 60-75 percent.

Lesson 5: Trust my instincts. This is an invaluable exercise that I continue to expand on as it has served me well time and time again.

I am “in the air,” there is no turning back, my eyes are open and the view is spectacular!

What life changing-leap of faith are you going to take?

If you are interested in creating a unique system of healthy lifestyle habits for your over-committed life, set up a consult with me here.