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It’s Not About the Weight

accountability collaboration action benefits health journey partnership results weight wellness Feb 28, 2018

When you hear the words health and wellness, what comes to mind? Most often when speaking about health and wellness coaching, people immediately tell me they think of weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise. While these are most certainly important components, they are but a small piece of overall health and wellness.  The multi-faceted components of health and wellness include life satisfaction, energy, nutrition, stress management, exercise, health risks, and weight.

Health and Wellness coaching is about creating a change strategy. When you are able to create a plan of your own design, take intentional action, expand your real and perceived benefits, ultimately you will achieve your desired results. Coaching is most effective in conjunction with a true partnership, collaboration, and accountability. All three components play an important role in a client gaining confidence, and self-efficacy. This process includes addressing the feeling of, “I cannot imagine doing ONE more thing”; making changes you are both ready and willing to take; trusting that you are your own best expert; filtering through vast amounts of well-meaning information; overcoming the fear of failing, yet again.

Living in the mountains of Colorado, I often use the analogy of attempting to hike to the top of a mountain peak. The first step is becoming clear on which peak you are going to attempt. Second, do you have any idea where the trail begins? Third, how will you maneuver the switchbacks, obstacles, and when you occasionally get off-trail. Lastly, once you reach the peak, what’s next? The same can be applied to trying to reach any destination on a map. Where are you going? On which road do you begin? How are you going to maneuver construction detours, flat tires and possibly running out of gas? What will you do once you reach your destination?

Turning health and wellness into a journey towards a specific destination means you enjoy the adventure and learn along the way. The benefits are expansive.

Embrace a new level of health and wellness as you do any worthy endeavor. As you embark on your journey, look forward to the unknown and find joy in the challenges you overcome along the way.

Health and Wellness as a journey –> You gain more than you lose –> you impact every facet of your well-being in a positive way.