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Sep 29, 2018

Do you realize that we are nine months into 2018. Are you looking back nine months in awe of all you have accomplished or are you disappointed and judging yourself for the lack of progress, lamenting all you need to do in the next three months? On any given day, I can go either way. The truth is you have likely accomplished a lot in nine months, and feel you have much to do in the next three months.

Do you focus on what you have accomplished, or just the list of what you have left to do?

You start to wonder how the days slipped away, and your best intentions did not come to fruition. You start to look back and focus on all the ways you wasted time, energy, effort, resources. The past nine months seem a blur and you are left with the frustration that you are not further ahead.

If I may suggest, this is a pointless endeavor. No good can come of looking back!

The truth is, you will only lose more time in the coming months by trying to analyze and agonize over time gone by. Regardless of your family or work responsibilities, coming into the last quarter of the year focused on lost time opportunity, and advancement, is yes, just more waste of time and energy. As challenging as it may be, the most effective way to make the most of the next three months, is to acknowledge all that you accomplished in the past nine months…and ONLY on what you DID accomplish, not judging it against the “coulda, woulda, shoulda”   thoughts in your head..

Here I would like to share just a few simple ways you can focus on what you HAVE accomplished and what you WILL accomplish moving forward. No judgment, only forward focus.

All that matters is what you WILL do in the remaining months of 2018. No rearview mirror.


The most likely reason you did not accomplish all you hope to is believing every project equally important. Pick the three projects you know to be most important in the next three first months and focus all energy and activity on just these three projects. All other projects are on hold until these three are accomplished!

It is not uncommon to spread yourself too thin. You begin to think of everything having the same significance. You feel torn and unable to say no to those activities, invitations, and requests that keep you from your list of three. You may find yourself feeling a need to apologize, defend, and acquiesce to the needs of others. Regardless of the request made on you, you make them all more important than those three projects most important to you. This only ensures the next three months will find you as frustrated as the last nine.

Give yourself the grace to create a system that will ensure you finish 2018 with no regrets. Understand that while there will always be more you believe you could, should, and would do, that ultimately you will get more done, be more available to do a few extra things here and there by prioritizing your three projects. Fill in the gaps with doing extra, when time allows.


Now that you have chosen your priority three projects, create a system to follow each week. At the end of the week, assess your progress, and adjust where necessary. Some weeks may have non-negotiable commitments, YES, I said NON-NEGOTIABLE. If you find everything non-negotiable, it is time to take a step back and address boundaries. Look at the non-negotiables at the beginning of the week and adjust your system accordingly. At the end of each week, first and foremost, acknowledge your progress first.

Do not create a system that you are not going to stick to. Start with what you WILL do. Your system may start small and simple. As you begin to notice you are accomplishing all you started out to do at the beginning of the week, see where you may add more. You will begin to build confidence, and competence in your ability to get more done.  When you are truly in FLOW, you will find you are more intuitive, creative, and having more fun.


In life, you often fail to ask for support when you most need it. The more you are prone to an inability to say no to the request of others, the less likely you are to make requests yourself. This often leads to you doing more than necessary. If there is a task that takes you longer to accomplish than someone who could do the same thing more efficiently, why would you not request or delegate it? Do you find yourself guilty believing no one will do it quite as well as you, and therefore you hesitate to delegate? How has that worked out for you for the past nine months? Allow yourself to let go of the reins occasionally.

The truth is, support and collaboration is an amazingly effective way to accomplish more in less time. Sometimes you may fail to ask for help when it would best serve you AND others.

Focus on your priority list of three, create a system to ensure weekly progress. Adjust your system when truly non-negotiable responsibilities arise. Find yourself in the FLOW as you stay singularly focused and begin to enjoy the process, ask for support, or delegate when it is to the benefit to you and those around you.

Do not fail to acknowledge your accomplishments, pat yourself on the back and be proud that you finish 2018 on a high note. You will find this lends a certain excitement and anticipation of the coming New Year!

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