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challenges coaching health results solution training well-being wellness Oct 07, 2018

Raise your hand if you have tried, failed, and tried and failed again to make a long-term behavior change that sticks. Regardless if it is a change in your eating habits, your exercise habits, your mindfulness habits, or anything that might up-level your well-being, have you been able to transition from habit to non-negotiable behavior? Perhaps when the stars align, there just might be an unorthodox method to making that happen!

Have you ever made a long-term behavior change, from just the title of the book? Yes, that’s what I said, from just the TITLE of a book.  Apparently, when motivated, ready, and WILLING to change something, anything, that creates a barrier to a finding a true solution to your biggest wellness challenges, the right book title, at the right time, can be just such a solution.

Honestly, this has not happened to me. It has happened to Emily, one of the participants in my monthly workshop, Fast Track Your Way to Wellness. We happened to connect several days ago and she enthusiastically shared her story.

During a follow-up call with Emily last month, she shared one of her most frustrating challenges, food is her biggest source of comfort, distraction, and escape. Having heard a similar version of the dilemma from other clients, family members, and friends, I suggested she read a book.

Not just any book.

The book titleEat What You Love, Love What You Eat by Michelle May, MD, is as far as Emily has gotten into the book. She did purchase the book, and it is sitting on a table where she can read it, should she choose to. That said, apparently, the title alone has sparked a significant change in her perspective around her food choices.

Emily went on to tell me how simple she found the advice. She had an epiphany of sorts. She often eats foods that she does not necessarily enjoy that much, then judges herself for the wasted calorie intake. Her habit of comfort eating was a constant source of additional stress!  Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat was just the right title at the right time. Taking the title to heart, she began to be more discerning in her food choices. If she sits down to eat something and it does not taste that great at the moment, she stops eating. If it is not food she truly loves at the moment, she puts it down. On the flip side, if she is enjoying it, she consumes it with joy, gratitude, and the absence of judgment.

She recently ordered a dish recommended at a local restaurant. While it sounded good, when she took a bite, she realized it was not what she wanted, or needed at the moment. She stopped eating it. No longer feeling guilty for not finishing what she started.

Her story made me think of other titles that may have a profound effect on others.

Starting with variations on a theme, here are 3 unique examples:

Who knew that a profound solution to one of your greatest challenges may be as close as a book, blog, or video title.  Perhaps one you have already read.

To help get you started… and to get you to think,  here is a shortlist:

  • The Power of Habit
  • Lean In
  • The Rules Do Not Apply
  • Anything is Possible
  • One Day This Will Matter

Please respond to this email and let me know what titles have you inspired to make lasting behavior change!

If you want to learn more about incorporating non-negotiable healthy habits as you finish in 2018, contact me here.