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Applying Curiosity in Goal Setting When Bouncing Back From Burnout

burnout health well-being Apr 09, 2019

CURIOSITY: A strong desire to know or learn something.h

Clarify: Are you clear on the outcome you truly desire? Are you clear on the transformation you want to achieve and why? Be very specific.

Unload: What real or imagines baggage are you carrying around that keeps tripping you up, and consistently derails your efforts in reaching your desired goal?

Reconcile: How often do you adjust your plan? What is working? What is not working? What are you ready to start doing? Stop doing?  

Internal: What is your internal motivation for achieving your desired goal?

Observe: What your triggers? How do these triggers create obstacles and excuses for you in reaching your goal?

Simple: How can you keep your strategy as simple as possible?

Insight: What are you learning about yourself as you work towards this goal?

Transformation: How are you modifying your belief so your actions become natural, thereby allowing you to achieve your desired goals?  

Yes: What can you say YES to that will help support you in reaching your goal?

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