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You can confidently and competently engage in conflict and difficult conversations!

Go From Rumination to Conversation;
Confrontation to Cooperation

With Melissa’s 5 Insights to Navigating Uncomfortable Conversations, you can begin to shift how you perceive and engage in conversations you currently avoid. 

Yes, Build My Confidence!





Do You Experience...

Having the same conversation
over and over
with no change in outcomes or behavior?

Tension increasing as 
engagement, morale and
productivity decrease? 


Losing good employees
or you are ready to quit

Banish the fear 52 weeks a year.

  Eliminate conflict by clearly and specifically, communicating what you need.

  Build trust and respect among you and your colleagues, family, and friends.

  Communicate in a way that each party feels heard.

  Have confidence that not every difficult conversation will escalate into confrontation.

Yes, build my confidence!

Imagine a world in which you no longer avoid conflict. You appreciate the need for and the benefit of engaging in healthy conflict. You boldly align your words and actions to the results you want without falling into fight or flight mode.

I want to put your mind at ease. As a National Board- Certified Health and Wellness coach, I understand how avoiding conflict and confrontation can negatively impact your personal and professional well-being. I have taught thousands of individuals the simple steps to assertively engage in uncomfortable conversations.

Yes, build my confidence!

Confidently and competently keep conversations from being uncomfortable!

 Schedule a call: Get clear on your fear.

 Learn the steps: Discover simple strategies to practice daily.

 Improve your personal and professional well-being: Know that you can positively impact and influence the outcomes of uncomfortable conversations with ease.





Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and unappreciated in the workplace?

According to research over 50% of employees rate poor communication as a key driver of their discontent at work.

The inability for leaders and co-workers to effectively set boundaries, to delegate, to hold colleagues accountable and more, due to fear, comes at a cost. The same occurs when peers feel helpless to voice their thoughts and concerns as well. In this interactive and engaging program, you will:

  • Acknowledge, evaluate, and practice confidently navigating the conversations you find most challenging, with positive results.
  • Release doubts, judgment, and assumptions when addressing challenging situations.
  • Align behavior to desired outcomes.
The Power of Connecting Values to Self

According to a recent report by Right Management and Globoforce’s Workforce Mood Tracker study:

Among a group of 91 possible factors, personal commitment to an employer’s core values is the top driver of employee engagement. The ‘secret ingredient’ to enhancing employee self-worth, performance, and job satisfaction is first and foremost an internal process. In this actively engaging program participants will:

  • Create an awareness and top of mind presence with the organizations core values.
  • Make values more tangible by actively engaging them in day-to -day activities.
  • Establish a deeper connection and greater impact with through their sense of purpose as aligned with the organization’s mission.

This is the #1 question that must be addressed if you want to mitigate the effects of burnout and benefit physically, mentally, and financially. A Gallup poll found that 23% of employees reported feeling burned out at work. Workplace burnout costs $125 billion to $190 billion per year in additional health care spending, according to the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In this interactive session you will:

  • Uncover the root cause of burnout by asking the right questions while alleviating symptoms.

  • Engage the simple shift that has far reaching positive implications.

  • Apply selfless self- care in building resilience to challenges.

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Hi, I'm Melissa!

I know that accepting the challenge of uncomfortable conversations and conflict is the exception not the rule… and you are up for the challenge.

With years of experience, I have partnered with countless individuals, to support them in getting out of their own way, while confidently engaging in conversations they used to avoid, at all cost. If this is you, I can absolutely help.

I am with you each step of the way as you practice and experiment engaging in potentially uncomfortable conversations with simple steps and solutions, alleviating your fear of confrontation.


"Melissa presented a three- part seminar on Difficult Conversations for my place of employment. As an avid avoider of awkward conversations and confrontation, Melissa provided tangible tools and strategies to prepare for and practice difficult conversations. She encourages us to put these skills into practice not only in our work -place, but with our family and friends. This skill set is more valuable than ever in today’s text based and often ‘outrage’ prone environments. I am so grateful for Melissa’s commitment to this endeavor and am so glad I had the opportunity to learn from Melissa on this incredibly valuable topic! "

-Janae U.

"I had the extreme delight and privilege to host Melissa as a Speaker at WEBO Network’s SE Denver Learn Intensive about How to Reduce the Impact of Burnout on your Personal and Professional Bottom Line for Business. She talked about how to uncover the root cause of burnout by asking the right questions while alleviating symptoms, simple shifts for reaching positive implications and the keys to selfless care. Her presentation flowed nicely, there was an abundance of value and she was highly engaging with the audience and not only were her tips outstanding, but her personality really shined through! Her energy is contagious! You could see the attendees appreciated her knowledge and experience in the space of connecting deeply with coaching on burnout. Our members were thrilled with the information she delivered, and I will definitely be asking her back - again - in the future! "

-Hollie Clere   
 Author | Social Media Speaker | Consultant

"Tackling a topic like "Difficult Conversations" is challenging enough, but Dr. Melissa Healy managed to take on a 3-part series of instruction and guidance for Colorado Community College System affiliated staff, with grace and confidence. Dr. Healy was a true professional, not only providing critical tools for immediate applicability, but offered on-the-spot professional coaching and a space for exploratory discussion from all. Her sessions were highly engaging and delivered exactly what was expected. Dr. Healy then went above and beyond what was expected by offering additional and continued support to all interested employees through a private LinkedIn group, being incredibly responsive to requests she accepted through a designated email address for outreach and offered some bonus coaching and guidance to those who reached out to her. To top it all off, she was such a great speaker to work with and bring to our organization!"

- Ashlee D.
Leadership Development Strategist



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